Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Top Hat and The Top HatBox

Men Top Hats and Top Hat Boxes
   I am a girlish girl and love vintage women hats. I am also fascinated by vintage men hats. One in particular is Men Top Hat. Popular in the mid 1700's to 1920's. Records show the first top hat was worn in London, England. The popularity of the top hat travelled from England to America. The original top hat was made of beaver fur or felt. Felt is a fur fiber taken from the dense undercoat of beavers or rabbits. The beaver fur was professionally steamed and compressed into a rough hat shape. The hat shape was formed over a wooden hat block, sanded and trimmed. Hat fashion accessories would be ribbon and or feathers. Materials changed from lush beaver fur to silk plush.  In the mid 1800;s silk top hats were very popular in middle and upper classes. Current men fashion reserve top hat wearing to weddings, banquets and the opera.

Bowler Hat known in England as coke hat, billycock and bombin. In United States known as derby hat. Created in the United Kingdom in 1849 for British soldiers in the Victorian era became a popular hat for the working class. Later the bowler hat dress for bankers and working dress for officers of the Queen's Guard.
Bowler hat rounded crown made of hard felt.

In the 1900's there were two types of hatboxes to protect and preserve the top hat and bowler hat. One hat box type would have been shaped exactly like the top hat. Custom hatboxes tended to be leather, metal latched with monogram or personal insigna. The other would have been a large band box. The band box had to be large enough to comfortably fit and cover lid the top hat. Cardboard box were lined with period newspaper. Many exterior were covered with contemporary wallpaper. The vintage hatbox is an artistic craft  valued today.

VintageMen Top Hats, Bowlers
and Custom Vintage Men Hat Boxes

Research vintage hatboxes custom built with the exact shape of hat. Hats and Hatbox fashion part of history. Information and photo provided by Metropolitan Museum of Art

American 19th Century Handmade Leather

Research fashion history vintage hatboxes information and photos provided
Metropolitan Museum of Art

American Leather and Silk

Women Vintage Hats and Hatbox

Vintage Hats Paris 1910s provided Monk3y

Cardboard Hatbox early 19th Century. Material cardboard covered in contemporary wallpaper. Information and photo provided Metropolitan Museum of Art

 Early 19th Century Hatbox Material Cardboard and Wallpaper

The artistic craft of Hatbox making is a part of World History. In the 18th and 19th century having a custom hatbox was a symbol of status. Hatboxes were not only for hat storage but were used as luggage. Today hatboxes are used for hats , personal and home items storage. Well designed contemporary stackable hatbox are also well appointed home decor.

 Exquisite Old World  Antique Brown Traces of Black. Wood and Metal Vintage Design two Truck Set

Toscana Wood Metal Trunk (Set of 2) - $285.00
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Decorative home accessories from One Kings Lane

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Endless Ideas for the Hat Box

Of course the Hat Box was created to store and preserve hats. But the Hat Box has endless storage  uses. Hat Box storage creates a clutter free atmosphere. Clutter is replaced with unique organized beautiful home decor.

  • Hat Boxes protect hats from seasonal changes in temperature and other elements that threaten to harm the quality of hat wear.
  • Easy way to organize items in the closet eliminates clutter.
  • Coordinate with room's decor. Hat boxes add a chic decor to bedrooms, baths and dens.
  • Gift Boxes (Baby Showers, Marriages, Birthdays, Anniversaries and Etc.)
  • Store children and grandchildren memories in Hat Boxes.
  • Store Knitting  and Crochet Supplies and projects.
  • Store Craft Materials and projects
  • Store Sweaters, Scarfs and Socks
  • Store Wedding Gowns
  • Store Eveining Gowns
  • Store Silk Garments
  • Store Gloves
  • Store Beauty Supplies
  • Store Jewelry
  • Store Belts
  • Store Linens
  • Store Towels
  • Get Rid of Shoe Trees and Shoe Boxes. Wrap shoes in tissue and store in Hat Boxes.
  • Closet Make-Over with Style
  • Store golf balls or tennis balls
  • Store Collectibles ( Stamps, Coins and etc.)
  • Store Memorabilia
  • Store Trinkets
  • Having a Yard Sale? Organize your sales items in Hat Boxes.
  • Keep valuable documents (Wedding Certificate, Birth Certificates, Christening and etc.)

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Jennifer Taylor Chesapeake Oval Ottoman with Braid & Cord
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Jennifer Taylor Contessa Comforter Set  and Contessa Ruffle Ottoman w. Cord, Braid and Tassel Trim from: Wayfair